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“I just felt like it was really unfair. It was not the brides’ fault — nobody…

“I just felt like it was really unfair. It was not the brides’ fault — nobody planned for COVID,” she said. “I know that it’s been difficult for brides, but I think in the end it was so much more worth it for them to postpone and keep everybody safe and healthy because that’s obviously the most important thing.”

Though, “as a business owner, I understand the loss of income was significant,” she added.

Like other vendors, event venues had their schedules mostly wiped last year as the pandemic progressed, and Reel said between comped tickets for their dinner theater shows and weddings rescheduled for this year, “we’re riding on fumes.”

“It was a lot of lost revenue in that we rescheduled a bunch of people, so we didn’t make new money this year on bookings because we took dates that would have been a new couple,” Reel said, adding that she was “really blessed” because the couples still wanted to move forward this year.

The great pause 

The Barn III, which opened to the public in February 2019, was “just getting our feet under us when this all hit, so it’s given us a chance to really reconfigure pretty quickly things that maybe would have taken a lot longer to change had we not had that ‘great pause’ in operation,” Reel said.