5 Post-Pandemic Fashion Must Haves for Women

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been wearing house slippers and a bathrobe for a…

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been wearing house slippers and a bathrobe for a year and a half. Bras? What are those? We don’t know her.

As COVID-19 quarantine comes to a close, we’re excited to greet friends and family in the great outside world—but that also means we have to start thinking about putting real clothes on again, and that is very daunting indeed.

We asked Modern Luxury’s VP of Fashion and Creative Director James Aguiar to share his thoughts on post-pandemic fashion. He wrote an honest and hilarious op-ed about his own descent into what he calls “adult baby syndrome,” the phenomenon wherein grown humans head out into the world in what are essentially pajamas. He also took a stand and promised to bring some glamour back into his own life.

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If you’re feeling a return to fashionable form but don’t know where to start, our very stylish Fashion Director of Custom Publishing and Branded Content, Faye Power Vande Vrede, has five fantastic recommendations to keep you looking sharp without having to totally let go of all that comfort. From full looks to accessories, these are the post-pandemic fashion must haves to help women get their groove back.

Johanna Ortiz rolling hills ruffled top

This rolling hills ruffled top and “Tide of Love” wrap skirt are the head-to-toe look that’ll get you ready for the world. “Really, anything Johanna Ortiz,” Vrede says. “Her exquisite feminine style brings a soft, effortless sense of sophistication that we have all been longing for.”

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Johanna Ortiz Tide of Love Wrap Skirt

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Saint Laurent flower earrings in metal

Saint Laurent never goes out of style. “Oh, how I have missed earrings,” Vrede says. “From Zoom calls to garden parties, you won’t catch me without these.”

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Jill Sander mesh clutch bag

A mesh clutch from Jill Sander will have admirers singing your style praises. “Return of the Mack? More like return of the clutch.”

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Dior woven bohemian bracelets

Vrede loves these woven bohemian bracelets from Dior. “Bring on the layered jewelry,” she says, “lay it on me!”

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Photography by: Courtesy Johanna Ortiz; Saint Laurent; Jill Sander; Dior